WFH Fashion Trend in 2021

Are you studying or working from home?
Do you feel like you are using most of your pj’s while working? Thinking of updating your wardrobe with some classy yet comfortable clothes?

Let’s be creative, here are some tips if you are looking for some wardrobes to use in your school or zoom meetings:

  1. Look for monochrome lounge wear . YES, you can look sleek and professional at the comfort of your home. You just got to look for a monochrome colored lounge wear to be topped with your blazer.
  2. Good news if there’s no scheduled zoom meeting you can wear your favorite vintage shirt or streetwear sweatshirt all day, say goodbye (for now) to your usual uniform that needs a lot of ironing .
  3. T-shirt dresses are in. You will feel more like you at breeze when working or studying while in these dresses.
  4. Join the trend, you may see some of these retro vintage shirts on your favorite celebrity and friends on your Instagram feeds. Add to cart some of those white colored statement shirts, it may be from your favorite tv show or music band. Check for cotton material on the description before you hit the check out. Add your office blazer then you are good to go… I mean to your zoom meeting.

Want to check some more of comfy clothing ideas?
Click here to see our curated feed. Enjoy!

We can offer you more in our posted collections, check our homepage for fresh dibs.

Published by Retro Camisa PH

We are dedicated to provide our customers their clothing needs from our carefully selected retro vintage collections to up-to-date trends. Our aim is to promote quality streetwear clothing at affordable price.

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